How to create Fake Computer Virus to Prank your friends


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Creating Fake Computer Virus

Hey Guys, Today we are going to brief catch fun by creating a fake computer virus to prank you r friends, please note that this is just for fun and we are not responsible for any of your action or reaction received afterwards, Believe me one of the best aspect of friendship is playing pranks, those looks makes me feel on top of the world.

This is fake  VB script virus click the link to check  what is  VB Script on Wikipedia. this tutorial will show a simple code that will show you a simple blocks of code that will act as if though they are viruses but they a sincerely harmless to the computer system.

They are basically behavior or misbehavior *winks* by displaying messages for your friend unless otherwise implemented which is not advisable.  you can check out our post on how to set a shutdown timer on your windows PC and if you are a game lover your can take your time to check  out  how sites to download PC games for free .

Follow this simple steps to create your fake Virus

How to Create Fake Virus to Prank your Friends

Its a very simple trick and it really doesnt require any coding skills. all you need is to copy the code below and save it as VBS. You can also modify this code easily, without having any programming skills. This  works only windows PC. Because,  it’s VB Shell script , which is design for only windows PC

Using CTRL+C Copy the code below

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X=MsgBox(“Error while opening Computer. Do you want to Fix this Error?”,4+64,”Computer”)

X=MsgBox(“Unable to Fix this Error. Do you want to scan this Computer”,3+48,”Computer”)

X=MsgBox(“Alert ! Virus Detected. Delete Virus? “,3+16,”Alert!”)

X=MsgBox(“Unable to delete this Virus”,1+64,”Critical Error”)

X=MsgBox(“Virus Is activated”,2+16,”Alert”)

X=MsgBox(“Deleling System Files…..”,2+16,”File Deletion”)

X=MsgBox(“Virus is copying your password…..”,2+48,”Virus Alert”)

X=MsgBox(“Please Wait, Uploading your data to Server. Do you want to Stop it”,4+64


X=MsgBox(“Could not stop. File Transfer Completed”,1+16,”Completed”)

X=MsgBox(“Your Computer is Hacked”,0+64,”Alert”)

X=MsgBox(“HAHA This was Prank”,0+64,”Fooled You”)

Paste is to notepad++ and save it  as Knowledgebase.vbs on any visible location

Note – If you don’t have already notepad++ installed, then install it now – Download Notepad++

Remember its a prank so you need to save it with a tempting name and location where it can serve as a trap but remember you should not use this to harm anybody or create unnecessary Panic it is just for fun.

you can change the icon following the following steps

Change The Icon of the File for Make it look like more Real

Move file to C:// Drive & Right Click on It & Click on Send to Desktop (Create Shortcut) Now, Open Desktop & you will see shortcut of file, Right Click on In, Click on Shortcut tab & Select Tab.

then, select any other icon from there, or you can save below icon & Select this Virus Icon.

Now, Finally Ask your friend to click on file & he will see virus is there but it’s just a prank. in reality virus in the file.

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Here in Knowledge Base……We want you to know.

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