How to tell your Windows Pc When to Shutdown (Setting Shutdown Timer)


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Setting windows shutdown timer

We all have this funny friend that does not know when to put off our systems, this guys uses battery till its drain or not even putting into consideration that you might want to use your system later. Well i have brought a lasting solution to this annoying act. just as we have provided our games lovers with sites to download PC games for free.

Today i will explain how to set shutdown timer on all versions on windows PC  with just NotePad.

Lets Go!

Microsoft never created a button to set shutdọwn timer but this is to guide you on how to simply do this without stress and without anybody knowing probably. to do this following the following instructions.

Schedule Shutdown Windows 10 / 7 /8 / xp

Sometimes for some reasons you may need to shutdown your PC after some given time automatically.  With Below command, you can create a Shutdown command,

The first thing to do is to Press Windows Key from PC, and Search for Notepad.

Secondly type the code below in the notepad

shutdown.exe -s -t 45 -c “Computer will shut down in 45 seconds”

if you dont want to alert users or want it to happen suddenly then just type shutdown.exe -s -t 45 

the 60 there means you want to shutdown your PC after 60 seconds I.E one Minute. If you want to Shut Down your system after an hour then you do 60×60 which is 3600.

Thirdly click on file on the menu bar or press control s to save the file as Knowledgebase.bat

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Lastly, Double Click on the file you just saved then viola your system starts counting down to shutdown then shutdown after the set time


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