How To Use Team Viewer to Remotely Control Your Friends Computer

How to team viewer

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How To Use Team Viewer – Step By Step

This article teach you how to use team viewer,TeamViewer is an intelligent and highly efficient program that allows you to control a PC remotely over the Internet. This makes it great to get forgotten files and it is also an effective way to help friends and family with computer problems without leaving your desk comfort.

The TeamViewer  is a freeware allows you to control and maintain another computer via the Internet remotely. It only takes a few clicks to connect and problem solving becomes a child’s play thanks to the easy operation of the program.

With the 100% free TeamViewer, you can connect and maintain another PC instantly via the internet and remotely. If you have problems, you can be helped quickly and easily, even if you are not on site. You can chat with the partner throughout the connection.

Although mobile devices quickly outsell traditional computers, many of our most important information has always been stored on stationary home desktops or laptops that never provide convenient access from home firewalls anywhere. Even if you are in a home network, you can be frustrating to move to a particular device on the other side of the house.

Software engineers have managed to obtain better access from a great distance. You can see and control a remote computer on another device using a simple software program, even from a different computer network. All you need is a working internet connection for both devices.

There are several methods and applications that can provide this functionality for your devices. In this guide we will focus on TeamViewer, a well-known program that supports Windows, Mac and many smartphone operating systems. This is how to use it.


How To Use Team Viewer - Step By Step

Always have access to your home PC with the help of TeamViewer

This is a familiar yet nightmare scenario: you burned the midnight oil to write the report that your boss asked for in the morning, but when you get to work you discover that you left the file on the desktop of your PC. What are you supposed to do? Resign, plead mercy or simply run?

Well the answer – if you’ve got a piece of software called TeamViewer installed on your PC  then just relax and copy your files remotely.

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TeamViewer is a smart and powerful program that allows you to control a PC remotely over the Internet. It is also an excellent way to help friends and family with their computer problems without leaving the comfort of your desk.

You can download and install the software free of charge when you are a home user.For business use, see the licensing options

. When you read on, we will find out how to rescue the forgotten file and also how to remotely control your desktop computer. This is how to do it.

Step-by-step: Get files from your PC remotely

1. Download the software

step 1

TeamViewer is like a telephone conversation between two computers, so that both machines need the software installed. We will assume that you have a main desktop computer and a laptop that you take with you. To get started, download TeamViewer on your desktop PC from www.teamviewer.com.

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2. Get configured

step 2

Now click ‘ Run ‘ at the bottom of the screen and accept the license agreement if requested. You ‘ll also need to check the two tick boxes. Finally, select ‘ Personal / Non – commercial Use ‘ when prompted and then click ‘ Next. ‘ The following screen is called ‘ Unattended Access Setup.’ All you have to do is click’ Next ‘ to continue.

3. Make an account

step 3

You have to give a password to your computer on the next screen. Click ‘ Next’ once you’ve chosen one. You will be asked to provide your email address and a TeamViewer password on the following screen; please note this password as you will need it later. When you’re done, click ‘ Next.’

4. Activate your team

step 4

Now you’ll see a screen like the one above. At this point do not worry about the passwords–we will use them later.Your last task is to access your e – mail address and find a TeamViewer message. You must open it and click on the long link that activates the registration of your TeamViewer.

5. Set up your laptop

step 5

Now is the time to fire your laptop and also install TeamViewer. When you have finished, you will have to follow the same steps as before until you reach the above screen. This time, select ” I already have a TeamViewer account ” and enter your TeamViewer password at the email address you have registered with.

6. Take control

step 6

Let’s be adventurous and give your laptop full control of your desktop. Note the number next to ‘ Your ID ‘ in your main PC. Now enter this number in the partner ID box on your laptop. Click on ‘ Partner Connection ‘ and enter your password for TeamViewer. You ‘ll see the Windows desktop of your desktop PC appear.

7. Access your PC remotely

step 7

You should be able to move icons to your other PC if you work on your laptop. You can open programs, close programs and also make changes to system configuration. In this mode, TeamViewer is also ideal for remotely fixing PCs. Set it up like before, so that you can help your friends without leaving home.

8. Retrieve that file

step 8

If you forgot to transfer a file from your desktop, close the windows that control your other PC and look in the TeamViewer display under ‘ Control remote computer.’ Choose ‘ transfer file > Connect > Log on. ‘ Navigate to and select your file. Click ‘ Retrieve’ and it will be transferred to the My Documents folder of your laptop.

That’s it, thank you for reading my article on how to use Team Viewer. Please comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.

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